Hello, my name is Justin. I love to travel and I am using journey of a man domain name to log my travel in US with my Ford F150 Lariat 2013.  I bought the car about 1 year ago and has been using it to move things around for my farm house.  I had to let go of my Ford mustang because of the fact that my farmhouse is on a dirt road. So driving to and from the house can sometime be tough, especially when it rains.

With the truck being in my life for  a year and a lost in my job as well as the COVID-19 pandemic; I find myself struggling financially. My goal is to fix my financial problem and cut off my expense and spend more time traveling with the truck.

And so set forth my extensive planning for the expedition. I'll use this website to document my planning as well. If you like to follow me, please subscribe to my email list and I'll shoot out an email when I update this website.

Thank you for visiting.
Justin Nguyen

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